How do insects get inside? We keep our doors and windows closed.

Insects use the small gaps, cracks and other such openings that are sometimes too small for us to notice. They can go behind the siding, facial boards, trim, etc. and then can travel inside walls to different rooms of the house.

Are your products safe for my Children and Pets?

Yes. Modern Pest Control products are designed with Family in mind. By combining Integrated Pest Management (IPM) practices with low dose products, harmful exposure is limited to just the insect. We achieve this by careful placement of our product into areas where the bugs hide. We also focus our treatments on the exterior to stop the bugs before they enter your home.

Do you treat for Mosquitoes?

Yes. Most companies treat your yard every three to four weeks with insecticides. We only treat with pesticides to knock down a heavy population to get started or maybe after a period of heavy rains. Ask us about our mosquito treatment system and let us explain how we can kill mosquitoes while saving bees and butterflies.

I thought you only did Termite Treatments?

No, we are a full service company. We treat for Ants, Spiders, Roaches, Mice, Rats, Mosquitoes, fleas, Bed Bugs, and many more household pests. We treat both commercial and residential structures. We offer Yearly plans and One Time treatments.